Monday, 28 June 2010

Work Assistant: Testing resolutions

Not new year resolutions. Just plain old screen resolutions.

Gertrude is staring at the sloppy blinds on the window from her seat in a tenth floor building meditating on the application the team is building for a possibly mass audience.

There are a couple of brilliant utilities available on the internet created by very kind people that would help her QA/tester colleagues test pages on different screen resolutions in increasing order of easiness to set up, but in reducing order of control.

1) The Web developer plugin for firefox. Install as you would any plugin for firefox. Techies would take more kindly to it for tailoring screen resolutions. And for a heap of other things as well.

2) A website called Viewlike that works like a charm. You can instantly see what your application would look like on an iPhone, a Wii browser and a range of resolutions between 800 x 600 and 1920 x 2000.

Morris, her imaginative colleague wishes that this could work on any virtual browser. Kit, the person on the other corner, however is simply thrilled that this works on an internally hosted application.

(Post script: Gertrude finds on more searching that there are indeed many more sites that offer this feature - test website resolutiontestsize, markhorrell, chrome extensions etc etc. But these above two remain her favourites visually)